shut my eyes and the world drops dead
(i think i made you up inside my head.)

violet harmon. alive. sixteen year old living in the murder house. one foot in the grave and the other in los angeles.

au indie ahs rp. will rp with any fandom! tracking the tag yourspecialdeath.

my baby shot me down // mob!au

Violet Harmon knows she’s playing with fire. Five minutes into her plan and she can already feel her father’s eyes on her like never before, daring her to take another step further. His meeting with all of his employees is still in progress, one of the first that he’s invited her to sit in on (she knows that it’s because her parents’ last attempt at a male heir has died so it looks like she’s going to be the head of the family once Ben Harmon fucks up a little too badly but she can’t feel too bad about it. This is what she was born for). She’s sitting next to the boy, the one her father has called his protege (something about his talent for violence has inspired fatherly feelings, calling the mob boss back to a time when he was young and his finger was always on the trigger), the one she’s had her eye on ever since he walked into the Harmon family’s home with grin so crooked he looked like the devil himself. His name is Tate Langdon and she can’t help but lean in, her heart thudding in her ears because despite all her bravado, she’s still a seventeen year old girl, and whisper in his ear: “are all of his meetings this fucking boring?”